Expected results

Final products

The main product delivered by the consortium will be a pharmacological synthetic elastic protein for the improvement of cardiovascular diseases related to arterial elasticity loss.

A numerical model will permit to optimize the treatment implementation. It will also provide a robust prediction tool of the arterial behaviour for the understanding of vascular diseases and for designing new molecular prostheses for treating them

Expected results

An innovative therapeutic medicine certified for pharmaceutical applications. The synthetic protein must be formulated/manufactured as a “ready-to-use” injectable dose.

A compound able to repair arterial elasticity. This molecule must be non-cytotoxic, well tolerated by the organism, resistant to degradation in the blood stream, non-thrombogenic and able to cross the endothelial barrier.

A robust predictive numerical model for a better understanding of arterial mechanical behaviour in diseases and therapeutic approaches.

A strong know how and intellectual property regarding elastic tissue repair.