The LBTI (Laboratory of Tissue Biology and Therapeutic Engineering) is a research laboratory specialized in the study of healthy and pathological tissues (skin, cartilage, tooth, cornea, mucous membranes) and in the development of innovative therapeutic strategies with high potential for clinical applications.

Located in the heart of the Lyon-Gerland scientific campus, our laboratory provides a highly multidisciplinary environment, bringing together chemists, biochemists, cell and molecular biologists, bioinformaticians, physiologists, physicians and galenic experts.

Within the Arterylastic project LBTI brings its expertise in elastic fibre biology, vessel pharmacology and pharmaceutical formulation.



The objectives of this working group are :


SEP production and cell biology

The production of SEP and cell biology to provide material to the entire consortium. It will also address the effects of SEP on arterial cells (human and mouse) in vitro.


Study mechanism of SEP action

The study mechanism of action of SEP in vitro and in vivo:

  1. endothelial permeability from in vitro human cell models
  2. thrombogenicity, inflammation, and integration of SEP into arterial elastic lamellae in a zebrafish model
  3. vessel pharmacology in ex vivo murine models.

Administrative task

Management of administrative tasks, including consortium agreement and regulation, organization of meetings, evaluation by the ethics committee and dissemination of results and reports. This working group will also be in contact with the health authorities to anticipate future needs in preclinical trials.

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LBTI members working on the project