SaInBioSE (Health Engineering Biology in Saint-Etienne) is a research laboratory developing multi-disciplinary and translational research that combines unique expertise in biology, engineering, mathematics and clinics. This research aims to understand the regulatory processes involved in osteo-articular (LBTO team) or cardiovascular (DVH team) biostress situations, to develop dynamic models reproducing these regulatory processes and to develop technological innovations. The ultimate goal is to offer a precision medicine, for these pathologies, during aging and in special populations (astronauts, newborns, pregnant women, very old subjects …).

The laboratory is located in the heart of the Saint-Etienne Innovative Health Campus which brings together the Faculty of Medicine (Jean Monnet University), the Biomedical Engineering department of Mines Saint-Etienne, the University Hospital, the French blood agency (EFS) and a MEdTech industrial cluster on the same site. Our methodological and technical contributions, including complex modeling, imaging techniques (tissues / cells, small animal, patients) and high-resolution spectrometry, preclinical models in vitro and in vivo (analogs of micro / hypergravity, for example) and in silico, are unique and original.

Within the Arterylastic project, SaInBioSE brings expertise in cardiovascular mechanobiology, biomechanical testing and mathematical modeling.

The objectives within the project are :

Mechanical characterisation

Carrying out experimental tests to characterize the macroscopic mechanical properties of the SEP and arteries treated with the SEP.

Developing a multi-scale numerical model

2. Developing a multi-scale numerical model to simulate the mechanical behavior of arteries taking into account their microstructural composition and their morphology (bilayer, specific contributions of elastin, collagen, smooth muscle cells, proteoglycans) and the effects of grafting the SEP.

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SAINBIOSE members working on the project